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Survival of the Fittest by Kaye Austen Michaels, with two pieces of original art by Lorraine Brevig, is available as an eBook in multiple formats. Right click the link to download your preferred format: EPUB, MOBI, KINDLE, HTML, and PDF.

Abridged from the Author's Notes:

This novel begins in June 1976, shortly before the second season of S&H and before the sixth season of Emergency! (For those who'd like to know more about the TV show, Emergency! see Wikipedia.) Wherever possible I have tried to mesh events and airdates with Starsky & Hutch canon airdates and events in the spirit of a true crossover.

Sample abridged from the novel:

Starsky yawned and performed a series of unconsciously sexual stretches. When Starsky winked at him, Hutch ...stood with his back to his partner and adjusted himself in his jeans. This isn't happening to me now. Not after the great time we had last night...just being us. Damn it, that's sacred, he's sacred!

Hutch hadn't endured a morning this vulnerable in ages. What made this one different than any of a thousand mornings? The closeness, his mind answered immediately.

Seven years of burying my tendencies... Amputating half my libido for the sake of loyalty and safety... I have to focus on what's real. He's real. Our partnership is real. He would die for me. I would die for him. That's real. Respect what's real...

He knew how to get through this vulnerable morning without breaking his seven-year fast.


Hutch sat behind the wheel in his parking spot beside the muddy Land Rover and tried to concentrate on the scenery. Out here, roughly one hour and five minute's drive from Venice, he could pretend he wasn't one of LA's finest. He was Ken--an out-of-practice closet case who needed a little attention and understanding from a man who reached for him with sex on his mind, not a man who reached for him with his heart and soul and pushed every platonic boundary before drawing back to the safe side of heterosexuality.

Johnny Gage stood in the doorway, leaning casually against the doorjamb and giving him a come hither smile. This was a man, certainly, but a different man, with different selling points and attractions. This was no substitute for the straight, straight, forever and ever amen, straight ideal.

Satisfied, Ken left the car.


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Story Notes:

From the Archivist: Special thanks must go to KAM for writing this terrific crossover novel and allowing us to archive it; Lorraine, for allowing us to reproduce her amazing art pieces, and Keri, who published the original zine, provided all the files for the digital version, and keeps me focused and on target--a formidable task in itself.

For those who'd like to know more about the TV show, Emergency! see Wikipedia.

Abridged from the Author's Notes:

The characters of John "Johnny" Gage, Roy DeSoto, Kelly "Kel" Brackett, Joe Early, Dixie McCall, Mike Morton, Chet Kelley, Marco Lopez, Hank Stanley, Mike Stoker, Joanne DeSoto, and Henry the hound dog were created by Jack Webb and Robert A. Cinader for the television show Emergency!, and are respectfully borrowed for the enrichment of this fandom story. I'm delighted to have these characters as "honored guests" in this Starsky/Hutch novel.

The television show Emergency! ran from 1972-1978 with two spinoff movies in 1979. The series pilot, "The Wedworth-Townsend Act," aired in 1972, depicts a fictionalized account of real life events that led to the groundbreaking Wedworth-Townsend Act that allowed trained firefighter paramedics to operate in California. LA County was in many ways the birthplace of the paramedic program. I place season two of the series in 1972-1973 based on canon evidence, and from there I have tried to follow the canon timeline based loosely on the episode airdates.

In present day emergency medicine, ER physicians and trauma surgeons are usually the products of different specialties. However, in Emergency! Kelly Brackett, M.D., carries F.A.C.S. (Fellow of the American College of Surgeons) credentials and is shown performing surgical procedures in many episodes. I have chosen to follow the show's canon in this, and therefore refer to him occasionally as a surgeon.

For my medical research surrounding the "Sweet Revenge" episode in Starsky & Hutch, I depended on actual paramedic cardiac protocols from several rescue departments across the country. For other rescue scenes, I depended on Emergency! canon, internet resources regarding emergency medicine in the 1970s, and nursing school texts circa 1982.

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