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The sequel to The Week. One year after the events in The Week, Starsky and Hutch contend with a new career opportunity, challenges in their relationship, and a mystery that can't be solved with only street cop smarts.


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Complete?: No - Published: 06/30/2012 - Last Updated: 06/30/2012
Story Notes:

Originally pulbished in Venice Place Chronicles IV in 2004 by Venice Place Press.

Special thanks to the editing team at Venice Place Press for their hard work and support in bringing this story to print. Remaining errors are the fault of the author post-edit.

For Paula, who shared with me her love of The Blond's voice. For Keri, my publisher, who has braved my writing adventures with me.

1. The Week, 1980 by Kaye Austen Michaels [Reviews - 1] (36682 words)