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A pre-undercover-assignment ritual gives Starsky and Hutch a new perspective on their partnership and friendship.

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Story Notes:

The 1944 MGM film "Laura" and its characters are referenced with respect, not for profit, and with no intention of copyright infringement. The same goes for the use of the characters Starsky & Hutch. This story is intended for adult readers.

This story was originally written in February 2008 and first posted in Enednoviel's Advent Calendar, December 2008. "Kenneth" was written in honor of Enednoviel's gorgeous "Daydream" artwork (part one), and is dedicated to Enednoviel and Laura McEwan, with appreciation for their contributions to fandom and gratitude for their friendship and support. Many thanks also to E.M. for beta-edit.

This story contains dialogue, a scene reenactment, and spoilers, including a major plot twist, from the 1944 MGM film "Laura."

1. Kenneth by Kaye Austen Michaels [Reviews - 0] (12142 words)