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"Jesus, Hutch, I'm about to change the way you think of me forever. I need a little backup. I know I can't mix alcohol with these meds, but don't deny me a cup of coffee."


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First Posted December 10, 2002 at PitsFiction, this story was written as a gift story for Sue D. She requested a post-SR recovery story in which the events of May 15th force Starsky to revisit Vietnam in his dreamspotentially dangerous for someone in Starsky's condition. While pondering just what aspect of Vietnam Starsky might revisit, I got the idea I present in this story regarding a secret in his past. I know many wonderful stories out there have explored Starsky's possible involvement in the war, and I haven't read all of them by a long shot, so I can only hope that what I offer here might, at least in some ways, be new ground. The wartime events are fictional, although research would suggest that some are not without potential basis in reality


1. Revelation by Kaye Austen Michaels [Reviews - 3] (13014 words)