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"Then Starsky saw Hutch hip deep in the lake, and confronting his worst fears. He saw himself surface and begin to wade towards Hutch. It was like watching a movie of their lives. This Other...Lord of the Otherworld was going to be with Hutch while Starsky was away. And yet it seemed Starsky was destined to be there and see them together, to see Hutch believing that the Other was Starsky."

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This story was published in Code 7 #III in 1984 by Bound In Leather Press. Special thanks to Tex and Tammy R. for transcribing it from the zine and getting it ready for the web. And special thanks to Dargelos for allowing us to present her stories and art on the archive.    

1. Death By Water: A Tale of Faery by Dargelos [Reviews - 0] (7583 words)