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Crossover with the Professionals fandom, told from the point of view of both Hutch and Bodie. The lads are in Bay City to pick up a British serial killer. Hutch is the CI5 agent's liason with the local police and invites Bodie and Doyle to stay with him and Starsky. As they search for the killer, the similarities and differences in their relationships are compared and contrasted. 

Categories: Slash
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Genre: Action/Adventure, Crossover, E-Book, Zinefic
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 01/23/2017 - Last Updated: 01/30/2017
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This story was originally printed in Code 7, #IIIpublished by Bound in Leather Press in 1984. 

1. Crying for the Moon by Dargelos [Reviews - 0] (8229 words)