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Under the slanting rays of a setting sun, Hutch woke, and for what felt like the first time in a century, the waking was easy... One thing I forgot about, he thought as his eyes closed to enjoy the sweet peace, with Starsky, there's always a chance to start over.



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Story Notes:

The Sweetest Taboo was written as a sequel to Suzan Lovett's A Fine Storm, and published in 1987. It appeared in Code 7 #4, placed immediately following Suzan's story.

In the pre-Internet era, if a fan was interested in writing a sequel to another fan's work, they would usually discuss it with the author, seeking their approval. So, before writing A Fine Storm, Suzan discussed it with April, who had written the original story, The Hours Between Four and Nine. After writing A Fine Storm, Suzan gave it to April to read before publication. Suzan felt the story was finished, but April felt the story needed one more scene, and asked Suzan if she could write it. April's sequel, The Sweetest Taboo, was published in the same zine as A Fine Storm, immediately following that story.


1. The Sweetest Taboo by April Valentine [Reviews - 2] (3685 words)