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Written for the S&H 2014 Big Bang: S&H Present Tense.

Art by Anachron.

A Hutchinson for Murder One Reboot.

Vanessa Hutchinson's sudden reappearance into her ex-husband's life unsettles Hutch and Starsky in more ways than they can anticipate. She shows up just as both men are on the cusp of facing some deep truths about their long-term partnership and where it might be heading.

Vanessa's late night arrival rocks Hutch emotionally and immediately propels Starsky into protective mode, since he is wary and skeptical of her reasons for seeking Hutch's attention. Compounding Vanessa's troubles: a doubly unforgiving Starsky, who--fresh out of a disastrous personal relationship himself--is more hostile toward her than ever before. Suspicious about why she is back, Starsky is unprepared for the real motives behind her attempts to insinuate herself back into Hutch's life.

When Vanessa's desperate bid to involve Starsky personally into her secret and dangerous activities plunges them both into a lethal nightmare, Starsky will be forced to revisit ghosts from a part of his life he thought he'd left behind.

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Genre: Action/Adventure, Art, Big Bang 2014, E-Book, Episode Related, Romance
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Chapters: 17
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 05/17/2014 - Last Updated: 10/05/2015
Story Notes:

Heartfelt thanks to Flamingo who doggedly put on her editor hat to beat this story into submission. I set her free in my overgrown forest and she tamed it into a garden. Any thorny plants remaining are mine.

I am fortunate that Anachron created the front piece for my story. I joked with her that the story might not ever be read, since it's impossible to look away from her illustration.

Lastly, I need to thank my good pal and co-conspirator, Brooke. Without her support (jabbing me in the ribs to keep writing) I would never create any stories. If all writers had a Brooke there would be an avalanche of new S and H material for us to read! Thanks Brooke.

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