Supernatural by Nickygabriel

One of the many things Starsky learned after he died was patience. When he was still alive, patience wasn't among his character traits, but when you were dead some priorities shifted places on your list. Starsky believed in life after death, but in his wildest dreams he hadn't imagined that it would be like that. When he was alive, there were just two options available - hell or heaven. The third one surprised him exceedingly.

It took him some time to learn the rules of this new state of - ah, spirit? But finally he came to the conclusion that he still had a task to do on Earth before he would cross the line to one of the other two possible futures. It couldn't be the unfinished business, because whatever he tried he usually ended up with completely strange family. Whenever he tried to interfere in the life of his own family, or in his ex-partner's life, some powerful force took him back to the family he was apparently assigned to. Finally he gave up and decided that if that 'power' wanted him to stay with this rich and affluent people, who was he to object?

His detective mind was sharp even on the other side of life, so after some time he figured out that the father of this family planned the future for all his children. Starsky felt that it wasn't the future the unknown 'force' planned for them, though; especially for the light haired boy with a heart bigger than the whole world. The power that be wanted him to work in the law enforcement, but not as a lawyer.

That's when Starsky understood why he was chosen for that mission. Starsky used to be a cop when he was still alive, so from now on he tried to motivate the young man to leave college and enroll in the police academy.

It wasn't particularly difficult, because Kenneth Hutchinson knew perfectly well what he wanted to do with his own life and how to execute it.

Yes, he was supposed to accomplish great things in his life. One of these was saving Michael Starsky's son's life. And more even - saving David Starsky's soul.

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