Winter's Wish by Cyn

Hutch smiled at the evergreen wreath hanging on the cabin door. He went inside and smelled apples and cinnamon. The Christmas tree filled the corner and went to the ceiling. It was decorated with popcorn, fruit, pinecones and various other handmade treats. The mantel was decorated with a garland and lit candles. A roaring fire filled the room with warmth.

A projection screen and projector took up the living area. It made no sense.

Starsky came through the door with an arm full of wood. "You're early."

"Dobey let me go. Starsky, you did all this?"

"It took some doing to put this place together." Starsky set the wood down and turned to Hutch. "Rather than going through another Christmas like before, I called your mom. This was a little bit her idea."

"I don't understand."

"Sit down, Hutch."

Hutch did as he was told and a minute later, Starsky handed him a cup of hot cocoa. He sipped it and his eyes widened in shock. "Mom gave you her recipe."

"You grew up on white Christmases, Hutch. You miss it."

"Yeah," Hutch admitted. "Every year that I can't go home it feels like I'm missing out."

"Well, I can't fix the going home part and since your dad is sick, they can't come here." Starsky turned off the light. The soft glow of the fire felt intimate and loving. He went to the projector. "Merry Christmas, Hutch."

The screen lit up and Hutch was speechless. He and his sister were children. They raced across a frozen pond wearing ice skates. Another was a snowball fight in front of the family farm. The memories of past Christmases came alive.

Hutch held his hand. "Thank you, Starsky."

Starsky rested his head on Hutch's shoulder as the snowy scenes of Christmas continued.

(Prompts: Snow, Christmas Word Count: 300)

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